LG 27.6" 16:18 DualUp Monitor with Ergo Stand and USB Type-C™ 28MQ780-B

- 27.6-inch SDQHD (2560 x 2880) Nano IPS Display
- DCI-P3 98% (Typ.) with HDR10
- Ergonomic Stand with C-Clamp
- USB Type-C™ (90W Power Delivery)
- Live Color Low Blue Light, Built-in KVM
- Ambient Light Sensor

With Stand: W481.5 x H843.3 x D461.3mm
Without Stand: W481.5 x H549.5 x D44.9 mm

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DualUp Monitor - Double the Screen, Twice the Experience

Enhance your efficiency with a new format of 16:18 aspect ratio SDQHD display.
-Stunning Image Quality: SDQHD (2560 x 2880) Nano IPS | DCI-P3 98% (Typ.) & HDR10
-Ergonomics: Ergonomic Stand with C-Clamp | Various Movement of Display
-User Convenience: USB Type-C™ | Easy Installation

*The images simulated to enhance feature understanding. It may differ from actual use.

More Screen and Less Space

DualUp monitor only occupied compact space for one monitor but this 16:18 aspect ratio monitor support, two 21.5-inch monitors (16:9 aspect ratio), at one screen. It enhances work efficiency and productivity at the same time.

*The images simulated to enhance feature understanding. It may differ from actual use.

Various Movement of Display - Ergonomic Movement within Eye Rotation Range

Enhanced flexibility of the Ergo stand* offers expanded ergonomic adjustment of extend, retract, swivel, pivot, height and tilt as well as providing perfect position of screen for more comfortable and sustainable user experience.
*Ergo Stand: Extend/Retract 210mm, Swivel ±335°, Pivot 90° (Counterclockwise), Height 130mm, Down Height 35mm, Tilt ±25° The product images in the video are for illustrational purpose only and might differ from the real product.

SDQHD Nano IPS Display - Stunning Image Quality, Apposite to Your Work

The 27.6-inch SDQHD (2560 x 2880, 16:18 aspect ratio) Nano IPS display supports a wide color spectrum, 98% of DCI-P3 color gamut, and offers vibrant color reproduction with the support of HDR10.

*The images simulated to enhance feature understanding. It may differ from actual use.

Live Color Low Blue Light - Increase Viewing Comfort while Maintaining Color Quality

LG's Live Color Low Blue Light with TÜV Rheinland Eyesafe® Display Certification helps to protect your eyes against blue light by combining RGB hardware and software adjustments while maintaining vivid color quality.

*TÜV Rheinland certification ID (Low Blue Light - Hardware Solution): 1111250391. The images simulated to enhance feature understanding. It may differ from actual use.

Ambient Light Sensor - Reducing Eye Strain with Auto Brightness Control

The sensor reacts to light, making the screen brighter in bright areas and darker in the dark. It provides a comfortable working environment.
*The images simulated to enhance feature understanding. It may differ from actual use.

Ideal Monitor for Creating, Developing, and Multitasking

LG DualUp Monitor, a new style display of 16:18 aspect ratio, helps to boost efficiency and productivity. You can check more information at a glace within the extended upper and lower space.

- For Programmer: When coding, you can see code or text more on the double-size screen without having the mouse scroll.

- For Creator & Streamer: While streaming the service with DualUp monitor, you can also check a lot of chat tracks in real-time.

- For Designer: DualUp monitor provides a widescreen for editing many layers at a glance and takes up less surface area for a wider workspace.

- For Office Worker: DualUp monitor helps to process work efficiently by checking multiple datasheets with the vertically extended screen.

*The images simulated to enhance feature understanding. It may differ from actual use.

USB Type-C™ - Easy Control and Connectivity

USB Type-C™ port allows from display and data transferring to connected device charging (up to 90W), enabling support for your laptop all at the same time over a single cable.

*To work properly, the USB Type-C™ cable included in the package is required to connect the USB Type-C™ port to the monitor.

How to Utilize DualUp Monitor Set-up

PBP & Built-in KVM*
DualUp monitor allows you to control multiple contents from two computers with the picture-by-picture feature. Also, the built-in KVM feature helps to manage content with a single keyboard and mouse.

1 Source PBP**
By connecting two cables, out of HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB Type-C™, you can utilize a dual monitor setup with 28MQ780. It helps to control two-screen easily without using software or shortcut keys.

*KVM: Keyboard, Video Monitor, and Mouse.
**It can be connected via the USB Type-C™ cable, HDMI cable, and USB2.0 upstream cable included with the package. DisplayPort cable is NOT included with the package.

Space-saving and Flexible Workstation Setup

Easy Workstation Setup - Fully Use Your Desk

Basically, for the dual monitor set-up without DualUp monitor but conventional monitors, more than 2-times are required compared to the existing space. DualUp monitor helps users to set workspace comfortably in their current space. Also, C-Clamp & Grommet and One Click Mount make it to install easily without other equipment.

*For detailed installation instructions, see the product manual at LG.com Support page. The product images in the video are for illustrational purposes only and might differ from the real product.

For specification, please refer to LG.com Product Page.

If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity on product information between LG.com Product Page and LG Online Shop, LG.com Product Page version shall prevail.

Product Eco-responsibility Ordinance (Cap. 603) ^
According to the regulated electrical equipment under the Product Eco-responsibility Ordinance (Cap. 603), the Ordinance imposes a recycling levy on Monitor : HK$45 per item

You can request removal service by emailing weeeseller@lge.com. If we do not receive your request within 5 working days from the transaction, you shall be deemed no request of the above removal service. You can also contact Hong Kong Government supported recycler – ALBA IWS (+852 2676 8888) for the service in future.

^Applicable for regulated electrical and electronic equipment products only

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Feature Session 1 SDQHD Nano IPS Display, DCI-P3 98% (Typ.), HDR10
Feature Session 2 Ergonomic Stand with C-Clamp
Feature Session 3 Live Color Low Blue Light, Built-in KVM
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